The Highlands County Economic Development office is launching a complete suite of enhanced digital services.


Among the new services is its website, www.HighlandsBusiness.com. The site is rich in information and is designed to put key information at the fingertips of site selectors, developers, and existing and prospective businesses around the world.


“Websites are essential tools in the modern economic development landscape,” said Taylor Benson, Highlands County Economic Development Manager. “Cultivating a positive online presence is vital to ensuring success. In many cases, websites are the first impression an individual has of a community. Websites are the go-to source of information for companies looking at potential locations, and not having one, or having an outdated one, means that a community is missing out on opportunities to attract jobs and investment before it even has the chance to showcase all it has to offer.”


The new website features robust demographic, labor and business data; community profiles for each city and the county; and a dynamic inventory of available sites and buildings.


It also provides information on the area's extensive transportation and infrastructure networks, a running list of business resources, local mapping resources, as well as an intimate look in to its growing workforce, education and training programs, and quality of life.


Beyond the site’s data resources and new design, viewers will also see the office’s new logo. The logo features an interlocking H and C to convey the concept of countywide linkage.


“The economic development office works to create and support a diverse economy in Highlands County that is conducive to the prosperity of all residents,” said Meghan DiGiacomo, Highlands County Business Development Manager. “We work to optimize the most desirable opportunities for economic expansion, better jobs and revenue growth. There are numerous players involved and the economic development office serves as the link that keeps the efforts united.”


Another of its digital efforts includes a new marketing video that highlights the many economic assets within Highlands County, such has lower operating costs than nearby areas, no impact fees, a growing population and more.


Rounding out its latest updates, the office has also launched a Facebook page, www.facebook.com/HighlandsBusiness, and LinkedIn page, www.linkedin.com/company/highlandsbusiness.


The economic development office is a relatively new office within the auspices of the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners. It is part of the Development Services Department and works in close partnership with the Highlands County Industrial Development Authority and Economic Development Commission for Highlands County.


“Our office is just over a year old, and we have made many advancements since last summer,” said Benjamin Dunn, Development Services Director. “We look forward to expanding our marketing and outreach efforts in the coming year. This is only the beginning and there’s more to come.”

Highlands County Enhances Digital Economic Development Efforts
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